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We offer you highly motivating, accredited training courses that are aimed at promoting a culture of excellence in care, and meeting your obligations under Essential Standards of Quality and Safety.

All of our training courses are CPD accredited and are delivered by highly qualified and experienced trainers.

We also offer ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which is a statement about your oraganisation and your commitment towards quality. This is considered as being highly desirable by purchasers of care services.

  • Highly Motivating
  • Highly Qualified and Experienced Trainers
  • Accredited Training
  • Meets Your Services Individual Needs

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Mandatory Training

We deliver all of the mandatory training courses specifically tailored to meet your individual requirements. For example, fire awareness training will take staff through your own fire procedure ensuring that they understand how fire safety applies in their specific situation.

In the case of our moving and handling courses we consider the equipment you use and the particular issues your service users face.

All our mandatory training courses are delivered face to face. The majority of these courses are also available as an e-learning option.

  • Moving and Handling
  • Health and Safety
  • Food Hygiene
  • Infection Control
  • Fire
  • Safeguarding
  • Equality and Diversity
  • First Aid Awareness
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Specialist Subjects

We offer a wide range of courses that enable care staff to develop their skills and knowledge to effectivley meet the need of the people in your care.

You may request a brochure for a full synopsis of what we offer.

We are also able to develop and get accredited any bespoke training to meet any specific requirements.

  • Safe Handling of Medication
  • Delivering Dignity in Care
  • Nutrition and Older People
  • Autism
  • Catheter Care
  • Diabetes Awareness
  • Pressure Area Care
  • Many others
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First Aid

Employers have a legal duty to make arrangements to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work. It doesn’t matter whether the injury or illness is caused by the work they do. What is important is that they receive immediate attention and that an ambulance is called in serious cases.

First aid can save lives and prevent minor injuries becoming major ones. We provide the training to enable you to meet these requirements.

  • First Aid Awareness
  • Basic Life Support
  • Emergency First Aid at Work
  • First Aid at Work


We deliver highly motivating and experience based dementia courses to ensure that staff have the skills and knowledge to support people to achieve an excellent quality of life when they have dementia.

By having some of your team trained to champion level, they can then take the lead in providing a truly person centered experience for your service users.

  • Dementia Awareness
  • Dementia Champion
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We offer management support in the form of training courses to develop management skills, or on a one to one basis to support a new manager. We can provide support from our experienced nurse managers to meet any CQC requirements.

We also offer the Peoples Managers Toolkit Suite of up to twenty e-learning courses. Ideal for building the skills required in management.

The ISO 9001 certification that we provide gives your organisation an internationally recognised framework to help manage your business effectively and put in place best practice methods.

  • Supervision and Appraisal
  • Record Keeping
  • Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
  • Care Planning
  • ISO 9001


E-learning allows staff to complete courses when and where they like. You can make sure disruptions to your busy working schedule are minimised. Mandatory training can be done outside of office hours. All our e-learning courses are CPD or City & Guilds accredited.

Not everybody feels comfortable learning in a large group, especially if they find something hard to understand that co-workers have no problem with. E-learning allows each individual to tackle the subject at their own pace.

  • It is a cost effective way of training your team
  • It saves time
  • Learning can take place anywhere, any time
  • Staff don't have to travel to attend courses
  • Employers don't have to release large numbers of staff all together
  • Learners can learn at their own pace
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